The First Scooter, The Triad 750 CSX rear wheel drive

For my first scooter, I settled on the Triad 750 CSX, however I bought the one that was optionally rear wheel drive with two 500 Watt motors in the rear hubs. It’s now called the Triad Quantum Dual if you’re looking for one just like mine.

This scooter is about 32inches wide and fits through all commercial 36inch doors. It’s ADA compliant for buildings. I personally ride mine inside government buildings and can even drive into most elevators and make a u-turn so that I’m facing back to the door like most people ride elevators.

Outside it’s amazing becuase it has three speed levels, ~5mph, ~12mph and the fastest being about 18mph. When traveling at walking speeds it should go almost 20 miles on a single charge. However at the fastest speed it only goes about 3.5 miles on a charge. I’ve been to Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Sea World, and Busch Gardens Tampa on it as well as been on a few “bike” rides with my son and never had to charge it while out. To charge, it takes about 4 hours to fill the battery. I slightly modified mine so it has multicolor LEDs under it and they run off the internal battery. I use them for added visibility and also some fun.

The scooter weighs about 85 pounds and can be lifted by a single stronger person or by two people. I usually use it by lifting, but lifting into the back of my two larger vehicles is hard and I can only do it a few times each day without help. I much prefer to lift it onto my low hitch carrier or to roll it onto my Mobility Scooter hitch carrier with ramp.

I usually use it with a trailer hitch carrier on my modified 2010 Prius. I put airbags on the rear of the Prius to help support the weight off the rear and also added a 2 inch trailer hitch. Then I bought a Harbor Freight hitch carrier and I lift the scooter about a foot off the ground and place it on the carrier.

I can also put the scooter in my wife’s 2008 Ford Taurus X, which is a cross over vehicle. When we put it in there, I have to take off the front basket and fold the handlebars. When we get to where we’re going, I zip tie the basket back on. It fits with the 3rd row seats folded down and it can be packed around for traveling. We used it this way to go to Florida from Virginia.

When we use my 2000 Ford Excursion, I can just lift the scooter up and put it in while only folding the handlebars down. It fits behind the 3rd row seat in the Excursion. That means the Excursion can still carry 8 people if it must, or the 3rd row seat can be used for holding cargo for travel. On the Excursion I can also use my Mobility Scooter carrier which is to large to use on my Prius and Taurus X.

Heres the Triad in my Taurus X

Triad in a Taurus X

The Triad in my Taurus X

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Triad on Prius

The Triad on the back of my Prius

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Triad on a Mobility Scooter Carrier

The Triad on the mobility scooter carrier

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The only “relationship” I have with Triad is that I’m a customer and they stated that if anyone told them my name at time of purchase they would send me a small referral fee. If you end up buying one, and would like to let them know my name “Timothy Collins, from Fredericksburg VA” I would be very appreciative.