Triad on a Mobility Scooter Carrier

Triad Mobility Scooter angled on carrier and ready to be secured

This carrier is a mobility scooter carrier from Northern Tool. Its made of aluminum so it’s pretty light for what it is, but it’s still large and hard to handle for one person. It folds up when not in use and it’s wide enough for my 32 inch Triad when I place it diagonally.

My Triad is slightly to wide for the carrier in reality, but if you drive it up while holding it, not actually sitting on it. You can make it drive up the ramp and have one rear wheel drive up over the lip on the top of the platform. You can see that in one of the pictures below. Then you just turn it and maneuver it so that the front wheel is along the edge of the platform and the back wheels are diagonal. Then it sits down and gets wedged in nicely so it can be strapped down with a ratchet tie down very quickly.

The pictures below show the scooter as it’s getting into position and also in the strapped and ready to go position. Some of the other pictures show the carrier folded up on the back of the car.

The carrier is from Northern Tool . It’s a “Ultra-Tow Aluminum Hitch Cargo Carrier with Ramp — 500-Lb. Capacity, Black, 60in. x 30in. x 4in.” This carrier is about $225 when on sale and can be found at :

As a side, I also have used this carrier to carry my snow blower. The snow blower with its chains on the wheels climbs up the ramp without any difficulty and fits nicely on the carrier.