3 Amazing Scooters, Big/Fast, Light/Folding, All Perfect for Me

My scooters each work well for different reasons

The first scooter is amazing outside and off-road. That scooter works great for grassy areas and has an amazing range. The best use for it is at amusement parks and whenever I have to go somewhere and carry extra things without someone else to push a cart like at Costco or at a park, airshow or large event.

Triad 750 CSX Rear Wheel Drive

This is the Triad 750 CSX rear wheel drive, it’s the fast one

The second scooter is great becuase it works very well inside offices and smaller stores. This one is light weight and also folds up into the trunk of my Prius. That’s a huge advantage for going out really quick and doing some small errand. It’s also amazing for going to work because it’s easy and quick to get in and out of the car and I can “walk” next to people in the office and not feel like I’m going to push them into a wall.

Here’s a quick link to my Third Scooter, the Balto.

Balto on a Bridge

This is the Glion Balto, It’s Fast, Light and Folding