The Glion SnapNGo in a 2022 Toyota Prius Prime

Recently I had to purchase a new car. This allowed me get some good pictures and usage of the SnapNGo in a 2022 Toyota Prius Prime. This car has an even smaller cargo area than my previous 2010 Prius. I have blog entries about that Prius here: Glion SnapNGo Scooter in my 2010 Prius

2022 Prius Prime owned by Tim
Tim’s Prius Prime

When planning to buy this car I had carefully found some dimensions online from a forum of the cargo area so I could be sure the scooter would fit. I didn’t want to buy the car and find out that my main purpose for the car wouldn’t work. Because of the time we live in right now, I had to basically buy it before seeing it or driving it. I also couldn’t find any of the Prime at any local dealership.

Because the Prime is a fair amount different from a normal Prius, I wanted to be pretty sure I’d be able to fit the scooter in the trunk. I used some estimations from people on forums about the Prime to figure out it would “probably” fit the scooter. This Prius is a plug-in model which allows for about 25-30 miles of all electric driving without using any gas. Then after the electric only use, it turns into a regular hybrid vehicle. I can actually choose to drive all electric or hybrid on the fly while driving. Because of the larger range than any normal hybrid it has a large battery under the back cargo area and that encroaches a little on the capacity of the truck space. This made it a big deal to see if the scooter would fit in this Prius.

The scooter did fit in the new Prius Prime and it’s a little of a tight fit. In my former Prius I could fit many other items in the truck with the scooter and I also had a lot of room under the floor to store things as well. I’ve taken a bunch of pictures of the scooter in it so other people can see possible cars and scooter arrangements that are available. I’ve now had the Glion SnapNGo in the Prime and also the Glion Balto in the Prime. I haven’t yet gotten them both in at the same time, but they should fit fine with the seats down. When the seats are down there is a sort of ramp between the lowered seat backs and the floor of the cargo area in the trunk. Any long items that go in and take the length between the rear of the front seats and the trunk need to be able to be held at an angle because of this.

I’ve had the Prius Prime for over 8500 miles at this time and it’s had the scooter in it the entire time. It works great for me. I have an average of 129 MPG over that entire time because of my use of all electric driving around town and also using it on my 110 mile round trip commute. On the commute I can’t go the whole way electric but I do use it when I’m stuck in traffic and on slower speed roads. It makes my commute average 85MPG for the entirety. I’ve also tested this car without using the plug in electric part during my commute and it gives me about 72.5MPG using it only as a hybrid and not driving very carefully, just doing the speed limit and accelerating normally. My old 2010 Prius when it was only 3 years old would give me 58MPG for the commute, while driving very carefully a couple MPH under the speed limit and also accelerating very slowly.

In all, I’m extremely happy with this vehicle for my needs and my use. It’s great around town in all electric mode and it’s actually a lot faster and easier to drive than my old Prius. I’ll update this post as I get more use of the car and more scooters inside.