SnapNGo Reliability and Mileage Considerations

My Glion SnapNGo has been a reliable source of transportation for me since Oct 14th 2019. I use it for transportation around work in a huge government building campus and also during my normal life going to stores and malls and even traveling.

I’ve now taken the scooter on a plane to Reno as well, so it went through multiple airports each direction from Dulles International in Virginia. Each of the days of travel this summer on the Reno trip was about 5 miles according to the scooter because of all the airport transfers and such. It was a lifesaver on that and allowed me to ride it all the way to the plane from the car.

With the extensive use of the scooter between October 2019 and November 5th 2021, I’ve reached 450 miles traveled and the scooter has been powered on for 175 hours. That’s pretty good in my estimation. The scooter of course has required a little maintenance but not very much. I’ll go over some of the things I’ve had to do to it over time next.

When it reached about 250 miles, I had to change the hand grips to other bicycle grips, the first ones were pretty smooth and starting to get a couple holes in them. I noted that the one on the right is the worst because that’s where my hand has to hold the most. The throttle is on the right and I have to use that even if my left hand isn’t on the handlebars. Not bad, the new grips are reasonably priced at Wal-Mart. I also had to plastic weld the little plastic mount for the power button as I cracked it while transporting it once. Of course I also have to tighten all the bolts as well, but that’s only about every 200 miles really. While I use the scooter I usually only use the throttle to brake with the electronic brake. However I do occasionally use the hand brake and had to tighten the brakes at about 350 miles.

The battery is also original and still holds a great charge, but I’m afraid it might be aging. I’m not sure if it will go the full original distance anymore but I charge it almost every day and generally use it on power level 3 all the time and even use it occasionally over some grass and up large hills. All these things are probably detrimental to battery life and longevity. Overall I’m happy with the battery though. I do think though that my original charger died but I use it with my Glion Balto as well, but since I have that scooter too, I have another charger so it hasn’t been a problem.

Back in August of 2021 I had hit 400 miles on the scooter, but never got around to post about it, so here’s the picture from that.

400 Miles on August 2nd, 2021 when I used the scooter at a the Air, Sea, Space Conference in Maryland.

The scooter sure if a life saver and allows me to do so much more than I could just using my cane. I can’t imagine if I didn’t have it. It would be very hard to keep up with the things my family and I like to do.