The Second Scooter, it folds up

Glion SnapNGo ready to roll

My second scooter is the Glion Snap N Go. It’s only about 24inches wide and 40 inches long. It folds down and can fit in the trunk of my Prius. This keeps it out of the rain and also keeps my Prius aerodynamic.

Glion SnapNGo in the trunk of a 2010 Prius

This scooter has a 250 watt front hub motor with 600 watts of peak power. It has a 36 volt 6.6 AH battery that meets TSA aircraft requirements for flight. The battery is also removable with a key.

When riding this scooter the seated height is much lower than the Triad scooter, but it’s about the same as many standard mobility scooters. It’s also slim enough that it’s comfortable to “walk” next to people in hallways in office buildings. It also easily slips through aisles while shopping in most stores. There is a small folding basket that attaches to the handlebar and also has a flap cover to keep items inside.

The Glion weighs just about 31 pounds (just the frame), the seat is about 10 pounds and the battery is about 3 pounds. It can also be folded and rolled behind you if you have to walk with it. It acts like a rolling piece of luggage though not the same shape and size.

Glion states that it can travel about 15 miles, however I’ve never tried it that far. Also the battery can be charged in 3.5 hours.

Check out the specs page at

Compared to my larger scooter the Triad, this one is not as easy to go shopping yourself becuase you can only really use the little basket or your lap to hold items. I have however pulled a shopping cart behind me with my left hand while riding this. That requires skill and for-thought so you don’t hit other people.

The scooters motor is plenty strong enough to take me up any standard handicap accessible ramps. I weigh about 200 pounds.

If you end up with a Glion SnapNGo scooter, you may find yourself wanting an extra key for the batteery holder. Through much searching I found that the key blank that’s needed for a locksmith to make the copy of the Glion key is a HD-74. That is a key blank that’s usually used for a Honda Motorcycle.

Here’s an Amazon link to the SnapNGo

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Here are some more pictures of the Glion in it’s various positions.