The Road to the Second Scooter (a portable one)

Don’t get me wrong, I love my Triad with it’s big tires and rear wheel drive. It’s also amazingly fast and great for outdoors and amusement parks.

However for indoors and at work I want one that’s a little smaller in width and also less intimidating to people in the hallways. Also driving to work in my Prius I’d like one that can be inside and that I don’t have to worry about putting a cover on if it rains.

I found a few that I researched for those criteria. Check out the list below with links to see them. They aren’t in any order and the links are just ones that are a good example of what I found for them. I also have no relationship with any company below, I did purchase the Glion eventually, but I have no relationship other than being a customer.

  • Atom trike GT: Folds small and compact. Battery is internal to the frame.
  • Smartscoot goes 3,5,and 7mph. Very compact
    • Amazon link
    • Folds small and very light weight. It is 3 speeds. About 30lbs
  • Travelscoot, very similar to the Smartscoot, but slower. Only one speed. Very compact.
  • Glion SnapNGo you can get it new or refurbished ( a little cheaper)
    • Amazon link
    • Much cheaper than the first three on the list.
    • Has a nice seat, with optional travel smaller seat available.
    • Can sit upright when folded and has a key lockable battery holder.
    • Speedometer and odometer on the handlebars.
    • The refurbished one can be found on the Glion website as they are available.
  • EWheels EW-07
    • Amazon link
    • Also cheaper alternative.
    • Folds in a strange way and heavier than the other options on the list.
  • eFOLDi Lite, was on Kickstarter

Here’s a link to my post on the Second Scooter.