Triad 750CSX in a Jeep Commander

Jeep Commander
Jeep Commander from Black Rock Motors, Fredericksburg VA :

I had the opportunity to try out the Triad in the back of a 2008 Jeep Commander Limited 4×4, Black Rock Motors from Fredericksburg VA graciously allowed me access to. If you need a car in the Fredericksburg VA area, see their website :

We put the Triad in on top of the folded down third row seats. It might have fit even better if the seats were removed. As we put the Triad in we needed to take the basket off the front and then we tilted it in and stood it up on it’s wheels. Without tilting the triad was about half an inch to tall. However with two people the we were able to put it in with little trouble. The very top of the neck of the handle bar and the mount for the basket were the parts that interfered a little with the very top of the trim on the rear at the opening to the tailgate.

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