The Triad 750CSX (now Quantum Dual) in a Ford Taurus X

This is a 2008 Ford Taurus X, it morphed into a new Ford Explorer however I’m not sure of the size differences in the back.

My family and I have traveled from Virginia to Florida in this car with my Triad scooter. The Triad fits in the back with the 3rd row seats folded down and with the front basket removed from the scooter. Also I keep the backrest off the scooter because I don’t usually need it. I also wear a backpack sometimes and the backrest gets in the way. If you keep the backrest on then you’d have to take the seat off to put the scooter in the Taurus X.

The pictures below outside the car show the scooter in various configurations with the basket attached. However the pictures inside the car show the basket removed. The scooter can’t fit in the car with the basket attached as it makes it a couple inches to tall. I keep the basked “zip tied” to the mount so I can zip tie it on and snip it off when the scooter has to go back in. You can get zip ties pretty cheap if you look at places like Costco and BJs sometimes. Since I use them in this way I look for them in bulk.

When traveling I like to lock the rear brakes on so the scooter doesn’t roll at all when accelerating or braking. I also place the basket on the cargo area by the front wheel. If we’re going long distance and have luggage we put our bags around the front wheel and sometimes even on the platform of the scooter. When we really have a lot of luggage then we take off the post of the seat and put the big stuff on the platform and pack the seat in along the side somewhere.

Here’s a link to the Triad on my Prius