Glion SnapNGo in a Ford Taurus X

The Glion SnapNGo can easily go in the back of a 2008 Taurus X with only one of the 3rd row seats folded down. The seat can be either placed behind the raised seat or just slipped along side the scooter by the window. I’ll get pictures of it in the very back behind the third row seats shortly.

Here’s a link to the Glion in the Prius.

Here’s a link to the Triad in the Taurus X.

As you can see the Glion slides in on the flat cargo  platform created by the folded down seat. It only takes up this space so the other 3rd row seat is not affected. The rearmost passenger space is still whole.
Also it can be seen that there is a little cargo space behind the scooter by the back hatch.

Here’s a picture of the scooter next to an item from Ikea and with the kids in the middle row of seats.

I was able to get outside and take some additional pictures of the SnapNGo in the far rear of the Taurus X. It fits just fine behind the third row seats with them in the up and usable position. The Glion sits down in the little recess in the bottom and sits on it’s side with the basket removed and in the otherwise normal folded position. Then you can place the basket in and the seat post down in the recess with the seat itself on top of the scooter.