Choices for the first scooter

My choices for the first scooter included the following in no specific order:

  • Priority Electrical Transportation Pet Pro Flex 500 Mobility Scooter
  • E-Wheels EW-07 EFORCE
  • EW-01
    • Low seating but folds nicely and easily.
    • 11mph and up to 30 miles. Very long range.
    • Amazon link
  • Glion SnapNGo
  • Segway Mini Pro or Ninebot S
    • Standing option, can add a handlebar for more classic Segway ride. Stock it uses control at your knees.
    • Good height because you stand.
    • Amazon link to the Ninebot S

The handles are available at Amazon as well.

The links above are just examples of the scooters and parts. Sometimes you can also find them on some other mobility sites and find coupon codes for some of them.

Here’s the details of the one I chose.