Riding Trails with the Triad

Following my teenage son on some bike trails around the neighborhood.

In the beginning of August I went on long rides with my son as he completed his Phys Ed requirements for the school year. It was an awesome time.

We’ve gone around some shopping centers and now we’re exploring some of the neat places around our huge community. The community is on two sides of a golf course and it’s connected with a series of biking and walking trails. These trails have small brooks running across with bridges and some of the trails end up crossing grass as well.

When we go down the normal trails that are mostly concrete it’s amazing. The Triad excels and can navigate them easily. The only concern is on some of the bridges as they are made with very steep ramps that lead up to them and down from them. They just have to be done sort of slowly, but you can accelerate away on the other side. The trouble on those spots is due to the relatively low clearance of the bottom of the Triad. It’s only a few inches off the road.

We’ve also had to go across a grass field under the power lines to connect two parts of the community. The Triad does great across the grass and isn’t much of a concern because mine is rear wheel drive. It has tons of power and good grip with the knobby rear wheels.

Crossing a field with the Triad