Riding the Triad Along with Bikes

Triad and Bike

My son has had to start tracking physical activity and going on long bike rides for his Physical Education class in Home School High School. So because of this and the fact that he’s 15 and needs to become aware of how to properly navigate town on a bike, I’ve started taking him for long rides before sending him on his own.

We’ve gone to stores and neighborhoods miles away. The Triad excels at this type of use. It has the distance and speed to keep up with my teenaged son on his hybrid mountain bike with battery to spare. We’ve now ridden together a few times on the roads and reached speeds of over 20 mph at some points.

As we’ve gone there have been a few times that we’ve had to quickly get out of the way of cars and also quickly cross major roads at lights while maintaining 15-18 mph. The Triad has tons of power for those situations and my son has commented that it’s motors give it very fast acceleration.

The last two days we’ve had to go on rides and I even forgot to charge it between them. the first ride was 7.78 miles and took us up and down many hills. Then tonight we went on a ride that was 4.85 mile and took us up and down a few hills. Each of those rides were between 8 and 20 mph almost the entire time. So totally without charging the Triad we went 12.63 miles with the Triad carrying my 180lb body.

Triad Charge Indicator on Yellow

After 12.63 miles the Triad showed yellow on the charge indicator while stopped and red if accelerating. The charge level shows, green, yellow and red when fully charged.

This amount of riding was the furthest I’ve ever gone on the Triad and it handled it amazingly. Now I know that I can take on very long rides without much difficulty. I only have to be concerned when it’s showing mostly only red. This is because you aren’t supposed to make it run out of power. If it does, you might not be able to charge the battery again and the battery might need to be replaced.