Amtrak Travel with a Scooter

Coffee and a Mobility Scooter on Amtrak

We took the Amtrak from Richmond Virginia to Ft. Lauderdale Florida and then back again. We tried to book the trip online, but it didn’t seem to make a whole lot of sense when booking a disability seat. I wanted to take my Glion SnapNGo scooter with it’s travel seat, but I was unsure how to book and allow me to have a real seat without having to sit on the scooter. It turned out that if you call Amtrak on the phone they can easily sell you a ticket at the reduced disabled fair and reserve you a spot for storing the scooter. Then they also reserve one other person traveling with you as your companion (which is also a reduced fair). Then they can just add any other people you’re traveling with as well.

When you get to the train the conductors come out of the train and scan your ticket, while there they ask if you need a lift to get on-board. I told the conductors that I could fold the Glion to make it smaller, and told them it was light weight. Then I showed them that I could pick it up and they offered to grab an end and help me up the stairs with it.

At the top of the stairs I just sat on it and drove it the 10 or so feet to the scooter parking spot. There was plentiful luggage room above it and even some space all around it that we could have used for our things. Our seats had a little pull out table that would be useful if someone is confined to a wheelchair full time.

The accessible seats are right near the two lavatories on board each car and have two sets of electric outlets. To make things easy when I travel I always bring a few extension chords and a power strip to help with charging my many electronics.

The end door to the train car is 29 inches wide and the spot for the scooter is 32 inches wide and 65 inches long. Below are some pictures of the space that was my home for our 20 hour ride.