Canal Path Trail in Fredericksburg Virginia Scooter Ride

Canal Path Scooter Ride Fredericksburg VA

This was the path my son and I took on the Fredericksburg Canal Path back in August. It’s a great loop for riding bikes, scooters, running and walking. We rode the path two times because it’s only 3.7 miles around.

Since it was so hot (about 90 deg) we took tons of water with us but with the Triad that’s easy. You just load up the basket with bottles of water and anything you might need. I even carry extra water for my son in the basket because he can only carry two water bottles himself on his bike without any sort of bag. I wore a large hat and used a cooling towel around my neck as well because I’m a bit heat sensitive. The cooling towel on the neck helps amazingly and I can wet it down again with the water I carry on the scooter too so that’s easy.

Riding the Triad with my son

Riding the Triad scooter on the Canal Path with my son.

It’s always a great time being able to ride the scooter and keep up with my son as if I were on a bike with him. During the ride there were a few hills and we hit speeds up to about 15mph and were out for about 50 minutes. The scooter performed great and the battery only indicated into the yellow for the trip.

When we drove to the path, we used my small hitch carrier with the Triad to carry it on the Taurus X. The bike was put in the back of the car and the scooter was on the back. This made it pretty quick and easy to load and unload the bike and scooter.

Taurus X with the Triad on the back

The Taurus X carries the Triad well with my small hitch carrier.