2nd Ride, Swift and Freezing On The Balto Scooter

Balto in the neighborhood

My second ride was at 39 degrees Farenheit. I didn’t want to wait until the weather got any hotter. I just wanted to go and try out the scooter on a longer ride, so my son and I went.

The scooter kept up nicely with him as we rode on the some of the neighborhood roads and side streets to get out to a paved bike path that heads down to a shopping area. We had to dodge some large potholes while riding and hit some medium sized bumps in the road. It was great to test out how smooth the Balto rode and to check how it handled those bumps and potholes. It rides really well over small imperfections in the road, the springs under the seat and the tall tires help it to feel more like a small bike.

Balto on a Bridge

My Balto on the bridge over Interstate 95, with noise at this vantage point being about 90db.

On this trip we got up to between 18-20 mph and rode for just about 5 miles. The scooter accelerates smoothly and reasonably but my son can outdo it on his bike. That’s not saying the scooter doesn’t accelerate quickly, just that it’s not as fast 0-20mph as my Triad. It’s definitely fast enough for a lightweight and nimble two-wheeled scooter. The front wheel of the scooter even wants slip a little when it first starts out. I have to be a little careful I don’t just peel out while starting. The front wheel has a pretty good road tire on it with enough grip for normal riding and just enough for light off road riding.

The single rear brake works well from speed as well. It’s cable of stopping quickly and without skidding.

The next time out if it’s that cold, I’m wearing my heated vest and thin gloves. It was very cold and both of us were ready for warmth after that 30 minute ride. Balto is definitely fun, nimble, and quick. I can’t wait to take it on a longer ride.