Tile Key Tracker for the Scooter and Keys

A Tile is a small key fob that can be used to track keys or other items with your smartphone. The Tile wirelessly attaches to the smartphone and an app so that you can find the Tile if you misplace it or lose it. It also works even without the phone being within range of the Tile. If you lose track of the item and Tile, you tell the app to track it and if it’s outside of the range of the phone it waits until either you or another person with the Tile app passes the device.

If someone else passes the device it notifies the owner, but not the person that passed the device. That way it keeps you anonymous and doesn’t point out your lost device to the people passing. That’s a little hard to explain but it works very well. I once lent my truck to a friend and he drove it about 60 miles away. My app noticed that the truck keys were seen 60 miles away and it showed me on a map where they were seen last. It was really neat.

To check out how it works go to the Tile webpage : https://www.thetileapp.com/en-us/how-it-works

I have a Tile on the key to the Triad and the Triad itself, under the seat. This way if I’m out and I somehow misplace the key, even if just in a strange pocket or backpack, I can have it make noise to help find it. Then on the Triad itself the Tile helps because if it were taken while parked somewhere I would have some recourse to hopefully find it again. The Tile would notify me if anyone passed it with a Tile app and I’d get a notification on my phone to see the location on the map.

They’re pretty handy and I have them in my drone case, in a backpack, in my computer bag, on my car keys and also on my house keys. I just haven’t figured out a good place to put one on my Glion scooter. It’s a bit smaller and with less convenient hiding spots for the little Tile.