Even More Non Standard Mobility Devices (OPDMD)

Many people choose to create their own mobility scooters and devices. Some people modify regular electric kick scooters that are similar to the ones people rent around big cities now.

People put outrigger wheels on the scooters and seats on them. When I began researching mobility scooters I found a few of them and almost tried to make my own but I settled on my Triad because I wanted one to work more offroad as well. None of the simple modified ones seemed to work on grass as well.

Here are some of the links to other peoples scooters that I found while looking around. They are pretty neat and seem to be good for an inexpensive alternative and usually a very portable option.


There’s an instructables article about another one seen here : https://www.instructables.com/id/Build-your-own-Mobility-Rehab-Handicapped-Scooter-/