A Standing Mobility Option

When I first started research on a mobility scooter or mobility aid I thought if I could stand and ride I would be more comfortable. In my case that was mistaken because I ended up not being able to stand for long periods of time. However some people can and other people can’t sit for long periods of time.

I started with the idea of a Segway. I’d seen them years ago when they were invented and very expensive. I’d also ridden one for a couple minutes at a little Segway experience at Disney World. So I found that there are some newer options that are much cheaper and smaller.

Here’s one of the options that’s smaller and cheaper. It’s the Segway miniPro by ninebot.

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This has an odd sort of knee and leg control for steering that I figured would be difficult for me and I looked for some sorr of handle like the original Segway had. I found out that these newer miniPros can have a handle as well.

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Then I found that you can also get larger offroad tires or hybrid road and offroad tires if you want.

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After all that I found out you can getvit already assembled from www.more4motion.com

They even have refurbished ones if you browse around their site.


I have no relation to any of these sellers or Segway and Ninebot, I just thought they were a great solution even if they won’t work for me most of the time.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) calls these devices “Other Power-Driven Mobility Devices”. The ADA defines many types of devices and has the open category of Other Power-Driven Mobility Devices which specifically includes any other device and even mentions Segways and Golf Cars.

As a note, I’m not an attorney and you should consult one if you have questions about the ADA and how it affects your choice of mobility aid.

Also as a note, Disney parks and Busch parks have both banned standing self balancing devices as mobility devices. They can do this because they’ve each proven in court that they have been a danger to other guests. They did offer Segway tours years ago however people were injured that were not riding so in court they proved that they should not have to allow them even as ADA mobility devices. They do however offer standing solutions to rent for people that need that option and can’t sit on a normal mobility aid.

For more information about the ADA and how it deals with your mobility scooter or other aid please see the official notices and rules from the US Department of Justice. One handy guide on the “Other Power-Driven Mobility Devices” is https://www.ada.gov/opdmd.htm.